interfACING 8051 WITH adc

hi,i am working on a project where i have to interface a microcontroller with an adc & an rf transceiver the data input to the microcontroller comes from a 220v, 50Hz power line,representing the power flow,voltage etc.this analog data is interfaced with the microcontroller with an adc.the frequency of the signal being less,any frequency on the upward of 1MHz would work very fine.the resolution that i want is in the order of a few hundred millivolt.therefore,i am planning to use a 14 bit question is regarding the hardware interfacing of this adc with the microcontroller. for example,how do i tune the microcontroller to the frequency of the adc?.i am planning to use an atmel product.what series would be best for my project?microcontrollers with inbuilt ADC'S are also fine.would the results be accurate?the rf segment is to connect the microcontrolller wireless to a remote host computer, where detailed analysis of the data would be done.

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14 bits is impossible, 12 bits is nearly impossible, at your skill level 10 bits is just possible. Stop dreaming and write a real spec.
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Which ADC are you using? The info you need will be in the data sheet for the ADC.

Some ADC are designed to be triggered by the micro. eg the micro sends a "start conversion" signal. Some time later the ADC responds with a "conversion done" signal. You can have the micro poll that input or connect it to an interrupt. Micros with built in ADC frequently allow you the choice.

There are probably at least half a dozen potential sources of error in such a system. If you don't know what those sources of error are and how to minimise them then I suggest this project is probably beyond your current abilities. Sorry.

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