1 Watt UHF Amplifier schematic wanted

Hi again, I'm looking for a schematic of a uhf-amplifier with a gain of about

  1. It shoud give about 1 W output power (to a 50 Ohm Load) at about
100mW input at the (preferably 50 ohm) input (impedance). The frequency to be amplified is about 440-450 MHz. Please post links to circuits matching my requirements and generally all uhf-amplifier design related links here or send me schematics via e-mail: snipped-for-privacy@evard.ch

Thanks in advance. D. Stutzer

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Diego Stutzer
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buy a motorola or similar RF module. aka a "CATV Brick" or "CATV AMP".

cost 60-90$ US.

usually runs off 12 or 24 volts, and get the app note/manufaturers data from RF parts make sure you have a good RF wattmeter and adjust the source before the amplifier to avoid overdrive. overdrive is BAD. It will need a heatsink!

if your really transmitting with it, put a filter on the output as many of those modules have bandwith from 0 to 550 mhz or so. The law says any harmonics and spurs you generate must be about 40 Db down from your output

time spent building anything else without the proper equipment,is priceless, and judging from the language in your post, you dont have the skills/milliwatt meter to do it.

Dont expect this fowarded via email.

Steve Roberts

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Steve Roberts

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