XLNX efuse anyone?

(repost from XLNX forum)

Has anyone succesfully managed to program the eFuses? On the Virtex-6 in particular but any device would be good...

There seems to be many restrictions and I am unclear if I am violating one of them. If you have managed to program eFuse please respond with:

Device Impact Version JTAG scan chain

Anything else that might help.

Thanks, Tom

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Hi Tom! I have programmed the eFuse AES key of the Spartan-6 LX100 on our board using Impact 13.3 and a Platform Cable USB II. You have to connect the RFUSE pin to ground via the specified bias resistor and the JTAG cable can not be at more than 1.5 MHz, but if that is fulfilled it seems to work. At least configuration with an encrypted .bit-file passes. We use 3.3V VCCAUX, I can't remember if that is a factor... Cheers! /Lars P.S. Remove the obvious from my address if you want to email me directly. D.S.

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