XILKERNEL and MICROBLAZE (how to probe this)

Has somebody tried to config Xilkernel with the XPS. I have a Spartan

3E and XPS 8.1, and I've added Xilkernel with an opb_timer. Now I want to probe this and I write a C program with "xil_printf". This is OK, but I want to do something with the kernel, so I write xilkernel_main (I don't know what this means but i try). The problem is:

region ilmb_cntlr_dlmb_cntlr is full region ilmb_cntlr_dlmb_cntlr is full error in function xilkernel init ..... (quite a lot)

Can anyone tell me about a manual or something to probe "threads" or something with xilkernel?. And How do you configure "Software Platform Settings".


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Do you have external memory? Sounds like you are trying to place all your code in on chip RAM, but the memory is too small. If you have external memory, create a custom link script that places the code there.

Cheers, Jon

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Jon Beniston

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