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I need to implement something in high speed so I have to use RLOC_ORIGIN statement as some experts suggested. However, I couldn't find any information regarding to the "which CLB (x?y?) associate with which output pin". Does anyone know which Xilinx document to look at for the "addresses" and phyiscal location of CLBs for certain FPGA? ( I am doing design with Spartan 3 and Virtex 2 pro).



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There are various graphical tools to see the association of CLBs to IOBs, such as PACE, Floorplanner, and FPGA Editor. A straight ASCII file can be generated by running partgen - for example, "partgen -v 3s200ft256" which creates a

3s200ft256.pkg file.

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See also:

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(for the V2Pro only)

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