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i am using RLOC statement as ..

//synthesis attribute rloc of d1 is X12Y11

As far as i understand, these X-Y co-ordinates specify the Slice number.

My first question is - how do i specify which of the two flip-flops(in one slice) to use?

.. i was going thru the documentation, where i noticed RLOC_RANGE option, has anybody used this option.

i tried it as -

//synthesis attribute RLOC_RANGE of d1 is X0Y0:X2Y2

the MAP failed and reported,

ERROR:Map:10 - RLOC_RANGE attribute on FD symbol "d1" (output signal=t) must be on the start of a set.

What am i doing wrong?

thanks, varun

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Varun Jindal
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Use a "BEL" attribute for that ... attribute "BEL" = "FFX" or "FFY" There are BEL attributes for the LUTs and carries ("F","G" and "XORF", XORG") too. Download and read the "Constraints Guide" for more info.

- Brian

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Brian Drummond

Hello Brian,

definitely, using "BEL" will solve the first half of the problem.

but what should i do to specify the range in which a particular element some particular element (flip flop) is required ot be placed.

thanks, varun.

Brian Drumm> >



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Varun Jindal

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