Xilinx ISE history?

Just curious - not really relevant to anything, but I've just run up the ISE GUI for the first time, and it looks very familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it, but does it look like an old version of ABEL? Or an old Lattice tool?

Also not really relevant to anything, but does anyone recognise the graphics toolkit it was written with? It doesn't really look like native Windows. I'm looking for a toolkit for some code that has to run on both Windows and *nix, so it would be interesting to find out.


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Petter Gustad

Though the ISE 7.1i announcement reiterates what Xilinx employees have said on this newsgroup before, which is that there will be a Linux version of WebPACK 7.1i. As I recall, it was said that they were switching from Wind/U to a different toolkit.

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