Xilinx 10.1 service-pack error: ./setup: line 41: 1472 Segmentation fault

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On my Centos 5.2 (x86 32-bit) Linux box, I've noticed a problem with the
10.1 service-packs.  If I unzip to a directory called "/tmp/x/", then
try to run ./setup, the installer gives me this error-message.

[root@centos52 x]# ./setup
./setup: line 41:  1472 Segmentation fault

But, If I use a longer temp directory name, like '/tmp/blahblahblah/',
then it works FINE.  This happens with the ISE_IP update and the
EDK_10_1_2 update...

is this one of those Linux/Centos quirks, or an install-package bug?

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