XC4VFX12 -- availability?

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I just made the mistake of spending a month designing a board for the
Virtex-4 FX without first checking availability. Xilinx has been
talking about the part for nearly a year, there are dev boards all over
the place, surely there must be silicon available, right? Now both
Avnet and NuHo are telling me that Xilinx is having "yield problems"
and it could be as late as June of 06 before they're shipping silicon.
Has anyone had any luck finding these parts? I'm just looking for a
couple samples to finish my thesis project, and it would be nice to not
have to spend another month redesigning this hardware...


Re: XC4VFX12 -- availability?
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scary business we are shipping products with FX12 on board and we are just
about to re-order parts, I know that all FX MGT production silicon is not be
expected before Q3, but I did not assume any issues with FX12 part, as it
was available looong time ago.

it could be that disties dont wanna have ES silicon in stock and they are
using standard worst case lead time, so thats why it looks so bad for you. I
bet FX12-ES in sample quantity should be obtainable.


Re: XC4VFX12 -- availability?

Yes you are correct, there are no issues with FX12.


Antti Lukats wrote:

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Re: XC4VFX12 -- availability?
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HUH, thanks for quick clarification!


there isnothing muchonline, but the FX12 based modules are actually
shipping now, so knowing that the FX12 supply is ok is quite a bit important


Re: XC4VFX12 -- availability?

If there's no issues with FX12, meaning no important design errors (apart
from the system manager which was cancelled..), yield problems etc, then
if sample quantity is all that's available, it can only be because all
devices are being sold to big customers.
I guess the 80 nm factories in the world are being overloaded with work on
producing new 80 nm chips from different companies and I
can think of one company that is having a lot of new chip revisions done
these days...


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Re: XC4VFX12 -- availability?
FX12 parts are available. If your distributor does not stock them, it
might be because he does not want to stock ES-type parts that he cannot
Just ask for  "FX12 CES" or ask for "FX12 Production SCD0965". The
latter is the same die, but it has gone through production
qualification. There are some minor errata that you can get from your

Peter Alfke, Xilinx Applications

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