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Hello, i am using an Xilinks Spartan 3 XC3S200 FPGA. What i am trying to do is write to the Ram on this board (256K by 16 - two of).

I have declared my memory as [17:0], an 18 bit value which represents the RAM addresses on the FPGA ram (A0 - A17). When i try read the values out from the RAM, eg. Ao, it only reads out 1 bit, instead of 8 bits. I have set the lower byte on and the upper byte off, but i dont think it is anything to do with this.

Do i have to declare my memory something like this?

reg [7:0] memory [17:0];

So it has an 8 bit width and 18 bit memory addresses. When i try and do this the XIlinks ISE 6, gives me error mesages.

Any ideas ????? thnanks

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Amir Intisar
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