wiring resource utilization?

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Given a design placeed and routed in FPGA,  I need to know "how much
wiring resources  my implementation are using out of total wiring

I am using Xilinx Virtex-II Pro.
In PAR report, logic (slice, LUT, FF,...) resource utilization (in
percentage) is available.
But, wiring (wire, switch box) resource utilization (in percentage) is
not available.

Question is that
1. How can we know wiring resource utilization?
2. Can "number of used switch box" out of "total number of switch box"
be a metric of wiring resource utilization? If yes, are there any
method to know that?

Thankyou for remark, suggestion.

Re: wiring resource utilization?

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Why do you need to know the wiring resource utilization?  The current
crop of devices have ample wiring resources, and as long as it routes
and meets timing, why does it matter how much is used?  Designs use a
very small percentage of the available routing resources.  However, the
high density of wiring is present in order to increase the likelihood of
a route solution that meets timing.  The actual routing resources used
wil depend heavily on the place and route solution, which can change
considerably with very small changes in the design.  Because of these
facts, the routing resource utilization has little value to the user of
the devices.

Re: wiring resource utilization?
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This is generally true... as long as device utilisation is well under
100%. I had a job with a small research group some years ago where we
had one person working full-time on analyzing timing reports and write
routing constraints. IIRC, the devices in questions were Virtex 4000
(two per board) and our FAE said we would never be able to route and
even less meet timings beyond about 85% logic utilisation... but in the
end, we managed to get nearly 95% with over 2k hand-written
routing/placement constraints and 10+ hours synthesis run-time a pop.

Many of the older FPGAs are not 100% routable even for nearly trivial
logic. Newer devices are said to be "100% routable" but once timing is
taken into account there probably is no device that can achieve 100%
non-trivial logic utilisation. Given how synthesis times explode once
device utilisation exceeds 70%, exceeding 90% today is still generally
not recommended.

As you said though, knowing how much of the routing fabric is used is of
little use. What IS really important is knowing HOW it is (mis-)used -
that's what the full-time constraints guy was doing.

I suppose routing utilisation could still be interesting to have in the
"stats that are nice to know about but have little to no relevance"

Daniel Sauvageau
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Re: wiring resource utilization?

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 If you are really worried about it ... take a look using the FPGA
editor in the areas you have some concerns.

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