WARNING:PAR:289 and bitgen error.

Hello, I'm having problems with XIlinx ISE 9.1. My design works fine on behavioral simulation but when I want to implement i, I get an error in bitgen stage.

I get a warning message in PAR stage: "WARNING:Par:289 - The signal GSS/emu_gss/emul_sm/B_haz has no driver. PAR will not attempt to route this signal.

The error message is: "ERROR:PhysDesignRules:10 - The network is completely unrouted."

They seem to be related. How can I avoid PAR to eliminate the signal B_haz?. Everything looks fine in the simulation (every line has a defined value), what can be wrong?.

Thanks, Daniel.

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Daniel, Apparently the logic has been removed in the synthesis process. Recheck your driving logic for the signal. When I face similar problem, I usually bind these signals to an used I/ O of FPGA. You may try that as well. (Definitely not a recommended practice).

Hope this helps.


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The first stage is to look at the MAP report (rerunning MAP to get a detailed report if necessary) to see if MAP trimmed "B_haz" and if so, why.

- Brian

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Brian Drummond

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