Virtex-4 SELECT MAP configuration


Let me ask two questions --:

According to Virtex-4 configuaration guide

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ICAP interface is either 8-bit or 32-bit, with up to 60MHz CCLK. Most of diagrams and explanations are based on 8-bit interface.

I also saw one document, in which latest VIrtex-4 ICAP provides 32-bit interface with 100 MHz.

I wonder if 32-bit interface operates, in a same way as 8-bit interface.

Is 32-bit interface 4 times faster than 8-bit interface?

In 100 MHz mode, are there any handshaking during the bitstream loading? (There was no handshaking during bitream loading, in Virtex-II Pro, if I am correct)

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It could be to fast,

There is "busy" signal.

Look into the Virtex4 Configuration Guide

Regards, Jerzy Gbur

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