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If i have a design based on system generator and i do not have any clock input to that do i still need clock input when i would be putting that logic on FPGA. I know its very very nive and basic question but need to remove some questions about clocking in FPGA. Why do we need clock on FPGA when our design does not have any clock input.


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Most FPGAs step through several processes in sequence rather than being a simple multiple-input multiple-output combinatorial circuit.

When registers are used, they are often coordinated to be "in step" with each other so if two values change at roughly the same time, they are made to absolutely change at the same time or absolutely not change at the same time.

Another problem with some combinatorial logic is the glitch. If you change one and only one input, you may get a glitch on a signal that ordinarily wouldn't change. A change on one input can often have several paths that it takes to affect one output; if these paths have different delays, one path can invert the output before the other path "corrects" the output back to the original logic level.

It's rare that an FPGA design implements logic that doesn't need a sequence of steps - sequential logic - to produce a result. If your design only needs results at 1 MHz update rates, you can accomplish much in that 1000 ns time period. Most designs want to work on a higher data throughput which requires "pipelining" through many steps to divide the processing into many stages of several nanoseconds each rather than 100s of nanosecods for a full operation.

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John is right of course, but to make it perfectly clear: if you have no clocked logic, that is, all your output are combinatorial functions of the input, then you don't need to provide a clock to your FPGA at all and the design will still work as expected.

However, using an FPGA in such a situation would be wasting most of the expensive machinery that is an FPGA. Maybe you only really need a CPLD.


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Tommy Thorn

Hi, FPGA are already provided on-chip oscillator. If user don't want to use ext oscillator as a clock source;he can use internal,but the limitation is of the frequency of onchip oscillator. Is ur question get answer? if not then pls elaboarate more.

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