using EXP connector of Spartan 3a board

We have just bought a new Spartan 3a 1800a dsp board of Xilinx. We needed i/o pins to control motors and use various sensors and camera. The board contains EXP expansion slots, ( somewhere I found it is called QTE connector?).

We are confused as how to easily connect our sensors like optical encoder, camera and output for our motor drivers using these EXP slots? Somewhere we found that we need to use QSE connector but we are not clear about it. We need a low cost solution !!!!! Can we find the connectors to match with EXP slot at one end and have simple wires at the other end??

Hope to get reply soon!!!!

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The S3ADSP starter kit board comes with Samtec QTE connectors. The corresponding connectors are series their QSE. The user guide documents the specific type. Samtec was nice enough to send a couple of the required connectors as samples. These are SMT components; you'll have to build a board to bring out the required signals. They also sell QSE terminated cables, although I doubt these are cheap. They are shielded differential pairs. You might look at daughterboards sold for the S3ADSP3400 kits. I don't have experience with the 3400 board. Its accessories might or might not fit the QTE connectors on the 1800 board.

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The Avnet EXP Proto module brings the I/Os out to headers.

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thanx for the link of EXP Proto module. But it's bit EXPENSIVE for us, having just bought the board. We don't need complete protoboard. It'd be ok if we can just get the I/O of the FPGA from the EXP either simply in wires or in headers.


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