Tool to convert ISE project into makefile? (for Linux)

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I'm looking for a tool, or a method to convert the ISE project into a makefile, which I could run remotely without X connection. The only thing I've foond is:

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However I don't now if it works with ISE 9.1. Could anybody share some experiences?

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I don't think there is such a tool available, (especially not since they changed their project file to binary...) but writing your own Makefile is not that hard if you don't worry too much about dependencies.

There was a thread about this some time ago on this newsgroup and some scripts were posted. The scripts I posted are available on my homepage at

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I would recommend starting with if you are not that interested in dependencies since it is quite straightforward.

Just edit it to set what part you are using and then run it with yourtoplevel.v yourucffile.ucf the.v rest.v of.v\ your.v design.v files.v

This script works with ISE 7.1, 8.1, 8.2 and 9.1 as far as I know.


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Andreas Ehliar

You can use the makefile to compile your designs with ISE 9.1. You have to do the following:

1) In, change the line PROJNAV_DIR ?= __projnav to PROJNAV_DIR ?= . 2) Create a makefile in your ISE 9.1 project directory that contains this line: include 3) In your project directory, you can rebuild your bitstream with the command: make bit PART=xc3s1000-4-ft256 (You have to explicitly specify the part name because we can't get this information anymore from the non-ASCII .ise project file.)

I tested this and it works for me. Maybe it will work for you.

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Dave Vanden Bout

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