Storing variables into data ocm memory

Hallo, I' developing a microcontroller based on powerpc. the only way I know to store some variables into a specific region of memory is instantiating them directly using the command:

unsigned char (*variable_name) = (unsigned char(*))XPAR_PERIPHERAL_BASEADDR;

There are other ways?

If use use the linker script there is a way to "choose" which variables store into a certain region of memory?

Many Thanks Marco

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Marco T.
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Hi Marco,

Yes, you can use a linker script for this, together with a gcc attribute to indicate which segment should receive a given variable.

For example, somewhere in the linker script you could add

. = 0x40000000; .ocm : { *(.ocm) }

This creates a new segment, "ocm", starting at address 0x40000000 (or wherever your OCM is mapped). To actually cause variables to be allocated to this segment, use something like

#define __ocm__ __attribute__((aligned(32),section(".ocm")))

and then declare your variables:

int __ocm__ foo; int __ocm__ bar[128];

You can verify that these ended up in the ocm segment with objdump. And you'll want "ld -T my_linker_script.ld"; google linker-script for tutorials.

Cheers, Peter

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Peter Monta

Many Thanks for your reply! Marco

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Marco T.

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