Simple system to manage register access in hierarchical Wishbone-connected FPGA designs.

I needed to provide convenient access to registers in an FPGA design intern
ally interconnected with Wishbone/IPbus bus. There is a wonderful tool - wb
gen2 in the OHWR directory, but it doesn't support nested slaves neither ve
ctors of registers. Therefore, I've decided to prepare a similar tool, base
d on wbgen2 concept, but written in Python.
The first version is already available in
formatting link

and is available under GPL v2 license.
The solution is oriented on control applications not on high-traffic data t
ransfer. Therefore, it supports onle classic mode single accesses.
Please note, that the code was written just in a few days, so it is not wel
l structured. However, I hope that it may be usefull for others. I'll appre
ciate any remarks, suggestions of improvements or bug fixes.
With best regards,
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