Reconfiguration of a XUP Board

I am using a XUP development board for my project. It is this one:

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I want to reconfigure this board from a second board (same one). The configuration stream is stored in the DDR RAM of the second board. My problem is, that I cannot find a way to transfer the data into the flash memory of the first board. The documentation says, that there are 3 ways for configuration:

1) Flash card (can't use it in this case) 2) via USB JTAG port (the second board would need an USB host port but these boards are equipped with an USB client port only) 3) via PC4 cable (no idea how this works)

Normally the solutions 2 and 3 are done with Xilinx' IMPACT software. Since I don't have this software on the second board, this seems to be a problem, because I do not know, how this software works.

I have also checked the layout of the board. I looks like the Boundary Scan pins TMS, TCK and TDO are connected to the J6 interface (GPIOs). The problem is - where is TDI? The schematics PDF only shows a FPGA_TDI connection between the FPGA and the System Ace. It does not seem to be connected to a GPIO.

Has anyone already tried to configure such a board without using a PC and IMPACT? How did you realize that?

Thanks in advance

Sebastian Goller

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Sebastian Goller
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Anything you can configure from iMPACT with the parallel cable can be configured from another source. TDI must connect to the FPGA via the JTAG scan chain for iMPACT to work.

The simplest way to store data for programming would be to create an xsvf file using iMPACT. Then use the standard embedded code for programming with 2nd board via JTAG. The existence of additional parts in the JTAG scan chain should not be a problem as long as you properly identify the chain components when you create the xsvf file.

If you had access to the serial programming pins of the FPGA on the 2nd board (CCLK DIN PROG INIT DONE) you could easily just use the bitstream without needing an svf or xsvf file. Slave serial programming is very simple in this case.

HTH, Gabor

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