React on falling edge in testbench

Hi, is it possible to make an input react on a falling edge of an output in a vhdl testbench?

i'm using modelsim se 6 and the following statement doesnt work: ... wait on (Ack'event and Ack = '0');

i also tried wait on falling_edge(Ack)

is there any way to do this?

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Timo Gerber
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Wrong form of "wait".

You mean wait until Ack = '0';

"wait on" accepts a list of signals, and is released when any one of those signals has an event.

"wait until" accepts a Boolean expression. It automatically creates a "wait on" sensitivity list from all signals that participate in the expression; whenever one of those signals changes, it wakes up, tests the expression and releases if the expression is true. If the expression is false, "wait" goes back to sleep waiting for the next signal change.

You can also add a timeout using "wait for".


wait until Ack = '0';

is automatically re-written by VHDL as

wait on Ack until Ack = '0';

and therefore it's pointless to put the 'event test into the expression.

You could also (very usefully for a testbench) do

wait until Ack = '0' for 10 us;

and now the wait will time-out if Ack has not gone to zero within the specified timeout. Of course, this means that you need to test Ack when you come out of the wait:

wait until Ack = '0' for 10 us; assert Ack = '0' report "Timeout failure waiting for Ack='0'" severity ERROR;

If you provide an explicit "on" sensitivity list, then the automatic sensitivity list is not created:

wait until Ack = '0' and Ready = '1'; -- wakes up on every event on Ack or Ready

wait on Ack until Ack = '0' and Ready = '1'; -- doesn't wake up on Ready events, but only on Ack events

Finally, note that "wait until" is always edge-triggered. If the "until" condition is already true when you do the wait, it will NOT release immediately - it needs at least one signal transition to be released. So you may need something like this:

if Ack /= '0' then wait until Ack = '0'; end if;

if there's a risk that Ack might already be zero before you hit the wait statement.


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Jonathan Bromley

Jonathan Bromley schrieb:

Thanks, your answer helps alot. I want to check the falling edge of an one-clock-cycle pulse. so Ack is low from the beginning...

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Timo Gerber

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