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> I have a esf file with me that contains information about > multi_cycle_paths and false paths. I want to know if there is a > utility that will convert this esf file to a tcl format that can be > used with synopsys primetime tool. > > Thanks for your time > Madhuri

Here are the steps to generate the Tcl file with Quartus II 4.0.

  1. Open the project in Quartus.
  2. From the menu choose Assignments->EDA Tool Settings
  3. Click on Timing Analysis to open up the Timing Analysis Panel.
  4. In the Timing Analysis Panel, select Tool Name to be Prime Time (VHDL Output from Quartus II).
  5. From the menu choose Processing->Start->Start EDA Netlist Writer
  6. This will create a directory called Timing in your project directory.
  7. The Timing directory will have a subdirectory called Primetime.
  8. The Primetine directory wil have the Tcl file with the name projectname_pt_vhd.tcl

- Subroto Datta Altera Corp.

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