Tcl script window does not appear


when I choose in Quartuss Utility Windows > Tcl Console and then choose Tcl Script (Tools menu) I cannot see any Tcl tool.

Is the Tcl tool only available for certain Quartus versions?

I am using Quartus v. 4.1 SP1 (full version)

I would appreciate your help.


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The Tcl console is interactive, so that the user can type in Tcl commands in there, or execute Tcl scripts which they write using the source command.. When you choose Tools->Tcl Scripts it opens a dialog which points to the canned Tcl scripts that ship with Quartus. You can then select the script and run it. The only one of significance there is the dse script which you can also run from your DOS box by typing quartus_sh --dse.The Full version of Quartus fully supports Tcl.

- Subroto Datta Altera Corp.

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Subroto Datta

In the DDR SDRAM MegaCore Function User Guide it is said on page 2-32

  1. Choose Utility Windows > Tcl console (View menu) I do that and I see the Tcl console

  1. Choose Tcl Script (Tools menu) I do that and I cannot see any tool

  2. Choose add_constraints_for_example_controller.tcl and click Run

As I said I do not see any tool. When I type add_constraints_for_example_controller.tcl in the Tcl console and press return I get the error message "couldn't execute ..." So in my opinion the tool that is said to have scripts to choose is missing ...

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