Re: Cheaptest FPGA board for Computer Architecture

> > [1] Gnarly Grey UPDuino v1.0 Board $9.99 delivered
> > 5.3K LUTs, 1Mb SPRAM, 120Kb DPRAM, 8 Multipliers, 34 GPIO on
> > 0.1? headers, SPI Flash, RGB LED, 3.3V and 1.2V Regulators
> > Gnarly Grey UPDuino v1.0 Board
> >
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> > or with std FTDI programmer interface $15.99 delivered
> >
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> > [2] Project Icestorm - see iCE40-UP5K-SG48
> >
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> Thank you for introducing me to Lattice FPGA. I had been
> looking for sources of Lattice Logic FPGA but cannot find any
> supplier.
Your source seem cheap but transportation cost will kill us.
The boards I have bought are shipped 5000km for free, and one
at a time do not attract customs charges.
Its tools are still primitive but if Lattice were to provide
> manual routing tools, or anybody else in the ICE project were
> to provide manual routing tools, I may reconsider.
The Icestorm tool chain is open source, so could be adapted for
layout control, elimination of synthesis tool, and similar
custom work.
With manual routing tools, I can see exactly what devices are
> to be connected and how they are connected. It will allow me
> to optimise my design better. I used to do it for a Xinlink
> fpga for an instruction decoder demonstration.
> It was also satisfying to be able to see our components
> clearly. The pin planners are too jumbled up and do not
> provide much information about devices that are connected.
These chips are so small that maybe you could do this without a
GUI, or add a chip layout planner to the tool chain yourself?
Jan Coombs
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Jan Coombs
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