ppc405 communication with custom ip ml403

Hi Everyone! I am trying to simulate a chemical reaction in FPGA. My basic FPGA architecure consists of 3 processes:

-- Synchronous Process

--Purely Synchronous with asynchronous SET or RESET IGNITE : PROCESS(clk, reset) begin IF( reset = '1' ) THEN --Synchronous Reset Current_State

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I have seen a few times that it is easy to be off by one when figuring the number of register stages needed to get data to where it is going.

You might especially check the FIFOs, which might have registers on the input (or output) that you didn't take into account.

The usual FPGA block RAMs are synchronous, which makes the FIFOs work a little different from some of the FIFO chips that are available.

-- glen

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glen herrmannsfeldt

Thanks glen.

Will it be wise to use software registers in this case? If yes, what changes do I need to make in user_logic.vhd?

Thanks aga> wrote:

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Jasim Khan

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