PowerPC Simulation

I am simulating the PowerPC and can't find the damn program counter. I have looked in the reference manuals that come with the EDK but can't find any helpful info!!

Anyone know where to point me? I am using ModelSim by the way.


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You can't see it directly.

For early phases of design I make sure caches stay turned off and just follow memory fetches. It will be a mix of instructions and data of course, but it's better than nothing.

Note 99% of my PPC simulation experience has been with Freescale's MPC8245 full-functional model. That chip does have a neat feature where some additional debugging status pins help you trace the execution.

motty wrote:

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Ken Ryan

Check out answer records 17088 and 17013. Unfortunately the example file in the answer record will not compile with ModelSim 6.2f. Got a webcase open for that.

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