PIN naming confusion xilinx spartan 2E XC2S200E

Hi I was trying to program a digilent board featuring xilinx spartan

2E XC2S200E Fpga ...the problem lies with the pin naming. According to the digilaent manuals the pins are numbered from 1 to 208 where as the constraints editor in ISE 6.1 the PACE software names this same FPGA as A1,A2....etc to T16....

My problems comes as I donot know which pin is which so that i can perform some in/out operations with an expansion board.

please help me with thius Thanks Paraag UNC CHARLOTTE

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Hi Paraag, Probably you have selected a FG package in your project and that on the board is a PQ208.

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Sandeep Kulkarni

Paraag, The user manual page 7 describes the mapping between the connector pins and the Spartan 2E pins. Will

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