Performance of Xilinx System Generator RTL?

Does anyone have any experience using Xilinx System Generator? I'm curious as to how it's designs stack up against custom RTL for FPGAs. Any metrics would be especially helpful. I am debating using this tool for some digital receiver processing, so it would be creating complex FIR filters, amplitude and phase computation, differentiator, etc. from my Matlab code.

Thanks, Brandon

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The mathworks part for simulation and hdl code generation is available by itself.

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I saw an impressive demo but have not used it. Don't know if System Generator includes it all.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

i've used it a few times and every version of the software is a huge step forward ... because with the first versions you could have a simple flowchart but a huge footprint after synthesis or it made code that at first didn't synthetize but after adding the right option/modifications ran perfectly ...

but for the stuff i used it (audio/video processing) it was really impressive, kinda like it ... it had its limitations but i you should try the demo

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haven't used it in a few months and there have been new releases so i think if those got as much increase in usebility as those i witnessed than you should try it out ...


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