PCI to SATA of industrial class ( -40 - 85 )

Hi all,

I need a SATA hard disk support through pci bus of my powerpc embedded system. After search a lot here and google, i think there is 4 ways:

1: use a PCI to SATA controller, but i can't find the industrial temperature class ASIC.

2: use a PATA to SATA controller, then design the PCI to IDE in an FPGA, but the same question of temperature.

3: use the Virtex5 GTP and SATA ipcore, what an expensive sulution?

4: use the spartan3 FPGA with a SATA PHY, can I purchase the industrial class PHY ASIC?

Hope anyone can give me a hand, Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,


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How about this problem? Many thanks.

Best Regards, Wicky

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