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Good morning,my name is Emad i leave in egypt ,i taken BSC in communication & electronics engineering with GPA "A" an now i preper my master in SDR technology.but i don't have any idea to How can i start.i have a strong knowldge in FPGA and VHDL and digital electronics.please advise me how can i start.

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Eng.Emad Samuel
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If you leave egypt where do you go? to DDR? The only place that belongs to DDR is small island near cuba that was given as gift to DDR and was forgotten to merge into BRD when the wall falled.

A good idea to start is to start. Just start understanding the topic. Your "master" is probably defined a bit more precise than "SDR technology" ?

Antti who never mastered the master, it was too boring.

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One generally starts their masters thesis journey by researching topics such as "Software Defined Radio." If you know nothing about SDR, find out about it. Check out other universities that have research into SDR and find if there are any resources available to outside researchers.

FPGAs and VHDL are often used in SDR but you need to know what you want to do to implement an SDR approach.

THere may be a couple people here who have done work with SDR but you really need to get a basic understanding of the current state of research and development to approach masters-level work on this subject.

Enjoy the journey,

- John_H

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