ModelSim version upgrade problem from 6.1c to 6.2c

Hi, When my ModelSim version is upgraded from 6.1c to 6.2c, a new problem happens:

When opening file, either created by 6.1c version or 6.2c version, the following error information would appear:

# WLF Error: Bad initial WLF parcel. WLF file is corrupt. # Cannot open file: C:/Weng/Simulation/CITO2/

It means I cannot normally use 6.2c version of ModelSim, because complex waveform waveforms patters can be saved, but it cannot be reopened.

Is there a way to resolve the problem?

Thank you.


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Weng Tianxiang
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Try 6.3?,

pass the wlf to Mentor and ask them to look into it and provide a workaround,

or convert the 6.1c WLF to VCD (wlf2vcd) and back to WLF (vcd2wlf) in 6.2c,


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