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I need some information on the type of chips (FGPA, ASICetc) that sits on a mobile phone. We have to implement an algorithm on a mobile phone, and we are not sure what are the kinds of chip configurations available. My early research tells me that FGPA's are reconfigurable but are energy intensive, and can be boarded only in standard size. Whereas ASIC chips are not reconfigurable..but they consume low energy..resulting in higher battery lifes. Are there more kind of implementations? Are there some good internet resources that can give me a good introduction. I would also appreciate if someone could tell me some other relevant usenet groups for such kind of discussions.


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Production mobile phones use highly integrated devices, for two reasons: Power and space. Note that low space usage has two distinct advantages; it permits not only small products, but also permits easier shielding of the non-RF sections from the RF section.

To get this level of integration, ASICS appear to be the most commonly used devices. When Nokia or Motorola decide on a new design, they expect to sell a few million ( at least) thus amortising the NRE cost of an ASIC.

I am not sure of what group(s) may be appropriate. I would do a quick search.



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