MachXO breakout board as a programmer


I'd like to use my MachXO Breakout Board as a programming device to program a custom MachXO chip on a board. Is that possible at all? I could not find anything useful in the board's user guide. Any tip would be highly appreciated!

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Not familiar with that board, but if you have the schematic you could see if the JTAG chain can be brought out to a connector. You'd need to break the path from TDO on the MachXO on board to the programmer and insert your external device's TDI-->TDO in this path.

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Yes, I've used a XO2 breakout board to pgm other vendor parts.

As Gabor mentioned, get to the Schematic and find the components or possibly headers, and see what is needed to isolate the on-chip JTAG, and bring the link-jtag off the board. In my case, I think I cut two traces, and lifted 2 SMD resistors.


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