MACH5 eval board - doc needed

I am looking for documentation for a MACH 5 evaluation/demo board I have. This board was made by AMD.

The only printing on the board (beside component reference designators) is the words "Advanced Micro Devices" in the top left corner, and the words "MACH 5, 160 I/Os, DEMO BOARD," on the left side toward the middle. The board contains a socket for a 208 PQFP MACH device. It also has a reset switch, connectors for JTAG IN and JTAG OUT, a reset switch, 4-bit DIP switch, and 4 large 7-segment LEDS. On each of the 4 sides of the

208-pin socket are 42 header posts for I/O connections to the MACH 5 part.

Any documentation (or pointers to doc) would be appreciated. I would like to use this board for some prototyping and perhaps as a learning aid for some high school students. I don't want to throw it out. Help!

Thanks, Bob Widlicka Lucent Technologies

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Bob Widlicka
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