Looking for Rapid prototyping system, ?Quickturn ASIC-Emulator?

Hello all, I am responsable to purchase and set up a electonics prototyping system for my university. The price is not a issue but the major concern is that the system should be easy to set up. (preferably a one-whole unit or a few modules) I have done some search in the web, it seems the 'Quickturn ASIC-Emulator' meets my requirement. However, it seems that it is not selling any more. I have a few questions.

  1. Do you think the 'Quickturn ASIC-Emulator' is a good machine for rapid prototyping?
  2. Is there other system which is simular to 'Quickturn ASIC-Emulator'?

Thank you very much in advance.

Regards, Kenneth

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They're a University campus company in Dublin, Ireland.

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If you are looking for a commercial product with all the bells & whistles (built in logic analyzer, etc), you should also look at the Mentor Graphics/Ikos emulation products.

Last time I worked with their products, they were much smaller, used less power, required less air conditioning than the Quickturn products. They also seemd to be less buggy.

I've seen both Quickturn and Mentor/Ikos products used for ASIC emulation. They are NOT trivial to setup, but for a big chip, the cost and hasle is well worth the effort/expense.

Good Luck!

John Providenza

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