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hey guys i want a vhdl code for lcd ( 2 lines lcd ) please i want ur help !!!! thnx

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Ok, first off, take a look at the datsheets for the standard LCD microcontrollers. As far as I remember they only come in a few flavours and are all based on the same principles (Data bus, address bus, read /write etc) Part of the challenge is setting up the display, it's tricky to do all the different initialisation routines they needyou to wait for a severla milliseconds at a time and they lend themselves very well to a microprocessor.

Buy a S3E starter kit, and go through the picoblaze examples from the Xilinx web-site.

Then come back with some better questions - it's no good asking "do my whole work for me" better to get stuck in and ask when there's a specific problem that we can help with.

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Benjamin Todd

Hi there!

@Ben you are certainly right. I got a radar-impuls reshaping prob at 240 Mhz, can you give me the VHDL and the pcb layout?

@unknown could be a starting ground?

Happy chip burning cu Pit

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