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We want to use the primeview tft lcd (PW045XS1). I looked at the datasheet, but it is very summerary. Does anyone know where I can get more information or perhaps example code of how to use this lcd. I have to make my own display controller in vhdl, but example code in C would be also helpfull.

TIA, Frank

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Frank van Eijkelenburg
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it is very summerary. Does anyone know where I can get more

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Not an answer to your question: Why do most LCD's have such cryptic and incomplete datasheets? Is there some sort of global conspiracy of LCD manufacturers?

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They don't want to sell 100, they want to sell 100000. So they write a data sheet that leaves a lot out. When you contact them for the missing stuff, they send a sales engineer round who takes a look at you, and decides if you are worth supporting. If they decide no, you're on your own. If you look like a big buyer, the next thing they want will be the names, addresses and golf clubs of the MD and the financial director.

Paul Burke

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Paul Burke

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