independent reviews of EDA tools?

Does anyone know of any reviews of different tools, or have any experiance with any of the 3rd party tools, good or bad?

For work, I'm looking into what we need, and what our options are. Right now we just have the basic Altera Quartus II and Nios II tools, and we ordered the full version of Quartus II with Alteras stripped down version of ModelSim.

I'm the only guy with a lot of FPGA experiance, so at least on that side I can drive our selection process, other then budget issues (still unknown). Other then meeting our basic needs, and our budget, what are things I need to take into account? Except for me, training/learning the tool is going to be the same for the rest of the group, but if I used HDL Designer/ModelSim a lot in school, is that a good reason to just gor for buying them at work (as long as it dosen't break the bank)?

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