IEEE1532 question, with Xilinx devices


as I dont have access to the IEEE1532 original specification unfortunatly I am unable to confirm an potential issue - Xilinx devices are almost all IEEE1532 compliant, the special BSDL files are available for download, only for Platform Flash XCFxxP the IEEE1532 files are missing.

I was assuming its only a minor issue and somebody did forgot to upload them, but after succesfully implementing read, erase, programming algos for XCFxxP devices I found that new silicon revisions of XCF08P require the JTAG IDLE state to be defined as IRPAUSE inside the ISC_ERASE command, if the JTAG TAP goes tru RTI state then devices is not erased.

to my understanding this special requirement makes the XCFxxP devices non programmable with standard IEEE1532 compliant tools.

which of course means that Xilinx will not upload the XCFxxP IEEE1532 files as they can not be made.

maybe i am wrong, but I really dont see how the SVF ENDIR IRPAUSE could be incorporated inside the IEEE1532 BDSL file !?

could someone with access to IEEE1532 specification clarify the issue? Thanks!

Antti PS the SVF files generated by impact 7.1SP3 for the XCF08P, they dont work properly when executed by impact. the JTAG commands are correct but I guess some timimg makes problems.

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