How to generate ILA with ChipScope pro in Linux


It seems that, in Linux, we have to generate ICON,ILA core with command-line. I am starting to use chipscope pro 8.1.

Problem is that it is too error-prone when I type the configuration (especially ILA) in command-line. Actually following command-line created "Directory stack not that deep" error message.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ila -compname=my_ilaunit_0 -numtrigports=3 -trigportWidth0 =1

-trigportWidth1 =1 -trigportWidth2 =4 -mtype0 =5 -mtype1 =5 -mtype2 =4

-datasameastrig -datadepth=512 -datawidth=32 -enabledatatrig0 -enabledatatrig1

-enabledatatrig2 -enablestoragequal -outputdirectory="~/CSPro/" -srl16type=1

-devicefamily=Virtex2P -trigseqtype=1 -createcdc


If someone has this experience, let us know how to solve this problem, Thankyou

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your params when pasted into argument file and run with CS 8.1 on windows then it works with no problems.

so if the same does not work on linix then the workaround is to use a windows PC for the ChipScope

Antti Lukats
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Antti Lukats

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