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I am having a problem with the OCM BRAM. I am using virtex II pro and EDK tools. I have an OCM BRAM and the PORT B is unconnected. I would like to give throught a testbench on PORT B data and address vectors. SO i have done the Port

B of BRAM as "external signals". The question is that is makes two OCM controllers, the one for Data (Docm_cntlr) and the other for instruction (iocm_cntlr).

Part of the testbench:

WAIT FOR 30 ns; -- Time=930 ns dsocm_bram_BRAM_Addr_B_pin plb2opb->opb (0x41c00000-0x41c0ffff) opb_timer_1 plb->plb2opb->opb (0xa0e08000-0xa0e0ffff) docm_cntlr docm (0xffff8000-0xffffffff) iocm_cntlr iocm

Checking ELFs associated with PPC405 instance ppc405_0 for overlap...

I would like the PPC405 to read data (word type 32 bits) from the BRAM but i cannot understand using assembly code how to do it. i have tried to load/read but

with no expectable result. Can u write the 3-4 lines using them as a pattern form for the others? thank you very much.

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