gigabit ethernet

Hello I need to implement gigabit ethernet link in device that is equipped with Cyclone 1C6 FPGA. i found one solution that fits my needs : to use PCI master and Realtek RTL8069SB in 32 bit mode. Additional advantage is that it is in PQFP package. I didn't wanted to use PHY chip and do all in FPGA because i have about

4000LE left, and don't want to implement all TCP/IP stack. This RTL chip does most of the work, segmentation, CRC, etc.. but have PCI interface and i would have to implement PCI master in FPGA. so i'm looking for non-pci single chip solution like LAN9C111 from SMSC, but with gigabit speed. I was looking for SIERRA controllers, but they seem to not have support for TCP/IP stack and requires 2 chips. Regards Greg
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