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I will finish the University within the next months. Now I am looking for companies in Germany in the field of FPGA.

I have found some companies specialized in FPGA design and consulting

- El Camino

- Polar Design

- Array Electronics

Are there any other FPGA design/consulting companys in Germany ? Which companys employ FPGAs in their products and therefore could be a potential employer for me ?

Thank you very much.

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Go to the

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and look under Design Services. Altera has probably something similar.

It kind of depends on what you want to do. You can go to Siemens and be in a department where they put FPGAs in their systems, but end up not doing anything that goes inside the FPGA. So if you like to do the logic design, rather look for design/consulting type companies, chances are, they do the logic that Siemens puts in their systems.

You should also get an idea what type of logic design you would like to do. There are companies that specialize in implementing DSP algorithms in FPGAs, others do more telecommunications stuff, etc.

Good luck on you job search.


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Guenter Dannoritzer

Take a look at this list and other lists at the bottom and look for gmbh companies that suppy boards, might be of help, if no gmbh, look for euro sign as a clue.

amo, cesys, seng, trenz, I thought there were more

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john jakson

I guess quite a few engineers use FPGA technology without making a big fuss about it. Not that many will do it full time though.


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