Does anyone know if there is a simple PCB out there with a Xilinx FPGA (almost anything would work, Spartan III prefered) that has that FTDI

245 (the parrallel version) USB FIFO IC integrated on the PCB? I just need something for a code demonstration.

I am in a pinch for a demonstration and we dont have the time to cut a PCB...... And it seems that the new webstore policy means that I can no longer get chips for at least 12 weeks......


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Eli Hughes
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FTDI now sell nice little DIL modules in their online store that would make it very easy to add to most FPGA boards :

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Mike Harrison

The EZ2SUSB has a Spartan-II:


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How fixed are you on the FTDI part?

If the Cypress part will suffice, I'd recommend evaluating the Opal-Kelly boards.

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The boards come with either an XC3S400, XC3S1000, or XC3S1500. They also have some excellent software that goes with it called FrontPanel that essentially turns the USB interface into a host of virtual I/O functions. Thger are even API hooks for C++ and Phyton.

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--------------------------------- Steven K. Knapp Applications Manager, Xilinx Inc. General Products Division Spartan-3/-3E FPGAs

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--------------------------------- The Spartan(tm)-3 Generation: The World's Lowest-Cost FPGAs.

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Steve Knapp (Xilinx Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs)

Steven is right, I definatelly recommend OpalKelly board if you need USB2.0 transfer rate (this board goes up to 30MB/s). It very easy to use and works without any problems. The only cons is the size (2.0 x 3.5") and the price 200$.

Cheers, Guru

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