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Any (specific) advice on a simlpe and cheap Xilinx board for data capture?

I want to capture about 5-10 minutes of digital data from an RF. The highest rate that I need to handle is 4-bit data at almost 33 MHz. Let's just call it 16.5 MBps, or 990 MB per minute, let's say 1GB per minute. Of course this is real time - I can't miss even one sample.

I just timed the write speed to an external hard drive over my USB port (4GB files). It was just at 1GB per minute for write and about

1.6 GB/min for read. So USB "might" work.

I'd pay a little extra for a board that was easy to use in terms of the C interface and getting the IO working.

Cheers, Gil

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USB has transfer modes with a bandwidth guarantee. This goes up to about 40MBytes/s. The problem migh be whether your PC can handle this (USB drivers can have high CPU load depending on the chipset)

Kolja Sulimma

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