CAN Sniffer on Altera DE2-115 Board

Hi there,
I am trying to implement a CAN sniffer on an Altera DE2-115 evaluation boar
d with the Terrasic AD/DA data conversion card (High Speed Mezzanine Card (
HSMC) via SMA. I am using two A/D channels for CAN_H and CAN_L bus signals.
Before testing it with real CAN signals I want to make sure that the connec
tion is right in terms of voltage swing, differential termination and peak-
to-peak voltage. If I got it right I expect a voltage swing of about 1 volt
on the CAN_H and CAN_L signal, whereas the input characteristics for the d
ata conversion card say something about 0.5V. But I am not sure if I unders
tood it correctly.
Could somebody please verify, unfortunately I am no expert in analog electr
onics. Any help is highly appreciated.
Regards, Ryo
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Ryo Kato
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