C H S in a Compact flash

How do i know how many cylinders, drives and sectors a particularr compact flash has??????

i have a 256mb sandisk compact flash

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The concept of CHS is since long outdated. But.. It depends in what context you use it. If it's an old machine with x86-BIOS you usually enter heads=63 sectors=255 There are three translation modes for x86-BIOS calls (INT 13h) to physical sectors CHS, LBA, and Large. Try to use LBA if that won't work use Large or as last resort CHS mode.

If you build a system that is free from x86 baggage then LBA is the mode to use.

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formatting link

640k ram & 512M hdd ought to be enough for anyone.. :)
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Issue the identify command to the card and parse the sector worth of data that it returns. It's all in there.

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