FPGA in a Compact Flash format.

Does anyone know of a supplier of FPGA's in compact flash format?

(Yes, I know of FPGA development boards that have slots for compact flash storage devices.)

Compact Flash is a flexible standard that extends way beyond just flash storage devices. You can get GPS's, wireless LAN's, ADC/DAC's etc. etc. in Compact Flash format.

What I want is to be able to plug an FPGA into my Sharp Zaurus PDA (which has a Compact Flash slot and embedded Linux) and use the PDA as the user interface to the FPGA.

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John Carter
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What do you want the FPGA to do?

FPGAs generally need to have their program loaded at power up time. That usually requires a few wires going in the back side. Where are you going to get them on your PDA?

You could use a ROM on the CF card, but that removes a lot of flexibility. It might work if you know what you want the FPGA to do and don't want to change your mind very often.

Can you get a USB connection on your PDA?

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Hal Murray

Flash based FPGAs exist. They allow direct use after Power-up _and_ provide a possibility to reprogram the FPGA.

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Thomas Stanka

Whilst its neither a PDA or compact flash, there's that XPort thing that plugs in to a Gameboy Advance.

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John Carter wrote:

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Phil James-Roxby

Compaq labs (now HP I suppose) created a device called BackPaq, for the Itsy/iPaq research they were doing a few years ago. It's an iPaq sleeve that has an FPGA in it, and connectors to other devices etc. Very cool, but your chances of getting hold of one would be very slim.

stop press - blow me down with a feather, the first google hit for backpaq turns up a directory with full schematics for the thing! Not quite off-the-shelf, but interesting and useful regardless.

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I'm off to have a closer look!


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John Williams

Never heard of...

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