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Sorry - newbie here so not the most brain draining question. I want to test if a previous design works on a board that I have. The previous design was done for a similar board. What I want to know - Can I just take the .bit file and send it down via IMPACT? That way eliminating any Xilinx different version conflict between my software and the software it was designed on? Basically to see if this design is working fine on my board - a previously simulated and synthesized .bit file ONLY is all I need to demonstrate the working project fully????


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How similar?


Generally, the bit file has to be originally generated for the same Xilinx device in the same package and your board should be using the same pins. If the device is different IMPACT will probably simply refuse to load the file, which is not more than a frustration. If, however, your new board uses pins differently you might end up having to deal with a much bigger problem.


P.S. This question has nothing to do with comp.lang.vhdl, so I am not replying there...

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