Actel Fusion

Has anyone got a chance to play with these devices? If so, any first impressions?


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Eli Hughes
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bad luck! I just today talked to the distributor well I have pending order for some time for the Fusion starterkit, what I did undrstand at the time of ordering was available, guess what ?

now there is no schedule known! so it may take 3 or more months before we get the fusion starterkit, - as far as I got it, the situation with sample silicon is the same, eg NOTHING

I have some PS3 devices and FlashPro Lite programmer, what to my surprise does not support PA3 :( and actel is promising to release software support for 3rd party support of PA3 maybe in march.

anway i was able to generate a STAPL file with Libero 7 for PA3 and i managed to recompile and fix the actel STAPL to not fail on the PA3 stapl file. programming verify succeeded, but the PA3 doesnt seem to drive any outputs do not know why.

the fusion starterkit should include the FlashPro3 programmer so I dont want to buy it separatly.

but with Fusion it looks like we all need to wait some more


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Antti Lukats

I was supremely disappointed when the Actel engineers told me that there was absolutely no support for partial reconfiguration (no matter how primitive or slow).

- a

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Antti Lukats

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well and I was disappointed when I was told that the Fusion kit what I ordered last year! and was supposedly from stock, is not going to be delivered for many months!!

I have some PA3 silicon so I was going to use the FlashPro3 (bundled with Fusion kit) to program the PA3 parts I have. But as fusion kit delays I did build adapter from FlashPro for PA3 only to find out that the Actel software dosnt support programming of PA3 with FlashPro programmer even the hardware is compatible.

then I looked at Actel DirectC for PA3 programming only to find out that last version of Actel DirectC doesnt support PA3, I was told that the support is planned to be released in March/April

then I did recompile Actel STAPL player only to find out that Libero 7 generated STAPL file can not be used with Actel STAPL players latest version.

This time I did not contact Actel anymore, I fixed the STAPL player to not fail, here is the project EXE and source, fixed and adopted to be compileable with MicroSofts free VC2005 Express compiler

formatting link

I connected PA3 to Xilinx cable III, created a simple test design that writes

0 and 1 to IOpads, porgrammed the PA3 with the STAPL file generated programmaing and verify no errors.

only bad thing is that the IO pads are all tristated as if the chip is not configured.


Antti Lukats
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Antti Lukats

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