about the Hold signal of serial flash .

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  I have studied ST M24P40 serial flash memory, but i have some
confuse some confuse about the HOLD signal. The situation as I want to
send Page-program instruction to Flash memory, and followed by its data
bit. If my data bit is coming so slow from my front-end module. can i
now need to generate the Hold signal to Flash memory until my data-bit
is already a multiple of 8? (clk cycle still remain in Hold state)
  I mean if it can work ?

thanks a lot


Re: about the Hold signal of serial flash .
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Hi Kelvin

just think of the 'hold' signal as 'Clock enable' - while in hold it doesnt
matter what the other signals do, you can re-use the same pins for different
purpose or secondary protocol if you wish, 25P will not change it state and
you can proceed with command-data that was interrupted.


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